The Lothian Diary Project - Oct 2020



The ongoing Lothian Diary Project consists of 125+ audio/video recordings collected since May 2020 from residents of Edinburgh and the Lothian counties in Scotland. The diaries comprise self-recorded monologues or semi-structured interviews in which participants discuss their experiences during different stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Recordings were uploaded to an online survey that also collected consent, demographic information, and opinion regarding Covid-related policies. This archive contains all fully transcribed Lothian Diaries with maximum sharing consent (internet, TV, radio etc.) submitted to The Lothian Diary Project prior to 4 October 2020. There are 24 diaries submitted by participants who agree for their names to be made public (in folder 'Name_Public') and 21 by participants who would like to remain anonymous (in folder 'Anon_Public'). All diaries are identified by a unique participant ID (number). Diaries are stored in WAV format (audio) or MP4 format (video) and time-aligned transcriptions are stored in tab-delimited plain text files. All transcriptions were auto-generated and have been hand-corrected.

Data Citation

Hall-Lew, Lauren; Cowie, Claire; McNulty, Stephen; Markl, Nina; Liu, Sarah; Lai, Catherine; Llewellyn, Clare; Fang, Nini; Elliott Slosarova, Zuzana; Klingler, Anita. (2021). The Lothian Diary Project - Oct 2020, 2020 [Dataset]. University of Edinburgh.
Date made available30 Mar 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage1 May 2020 - 1 Oct 2020
Geographical coverageEdinburgh and the Lothians

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