The Malveira Fire Test

  • Juan Hidalgo-Medina (Creator)
  • Tristan Goode (Creator)
  • Vinny Gupta (Creator)
  • Adam Cowlard (Creator)
  • Cecilia Abecassis-Empis (Creator)
  • Jamie Maclean (Creator)
  • Alastair Bartlett (Creator)
  • Cristian Maluk (Creator)
  • Jose Montalva (Creator)
  • Andres Osorio (Creator)
  • Jose Torero (Creator)



A full-scale demonstrator fire experiment is conducted in an industrial building in Portugal to study and characterise fire behaviour in large open-plan spaces, typical of contemporary infrastructure and tall buildings in particular. The Malveira Fire Test is the second stage in a series of full-scale experimental programmes developed for the Real Fires for the Safe Design of Tall Buildings project at the University of Edinburgh. Results from this test provide relevant data for defining design fire input methodologies applied to compartments typically found in tall buildings.

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Hidalgo, Juan; Goode, Tristan; Gupta, Vinny; Cowlard, Adam; Abecassis-Empis, Cecilia; Maclean, Jamie; Bartlett, Alastair; Maluk, Cristian; Montalva, Jose; Osorio, Andres; Torero, Jose. (2020). The Malveira Fire Test, [dataset]. The University of Edinburgh.
Date made available7 Jan 2020
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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