The noun-verb distinction in silent gesture



This dataset comprises data collected in a silent gesture experiment, where participants where asked to communicate events using only gesture. Pairs of participants took part in the study in 3 stages. In stage 1, participants produced gestures for the events without a partner; in stage 2, they took turns to communicate about the events in pairs, using only gesture. In the final stage, participants produced gestures alone again. The events participants were asked to communicate showed objects being used in a typical fashion, designed to elicit verb-like gestures (e.g. a camera being used to take a photograph), or used in an atypical fashion, designed to elicit more noun-like gestures (e.g. someone digging with a camera).

Data Citation

Motamedi, Yasamin; Smith, Kenny; Schouwstra, Marieke; Kirby, Simon. (2018). The noun-verb distinction in silent gesture, 2016 [dataset]. University of Edinburgh, Centre for Language Evolution.
Date made available5 Oct 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverageMar 2016 - May 2016
Geographical coverageEdinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM

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