Three illustrated land use visions of Europe for 2040



The illustrations are provided as .png, .svg and Adobe Photoshop .psd files. A short description of the visions and further background information is provided in VOLANTE_visions_description.pdf.


The continuously growing global demands on a finite land resource will require better strategic policies and management of trade-offs to avoid conflicts between different land-use sectors. Visions of the future can support strategic planning by stimulating dialogue, building a consensus on shared priorities and providing long-term targets. The European Union FP7 project VOLANTE ( worked with 63 expert stakeholders to create three cross-sectoral vision for future sustainable land use in Europe (Perez-Soba et al. 2018) which provide a basis for exploring possible pathways towards these desired futures (Metzger et al. 2018) This dataset provides three rich pictures illustrating these visions, which were created by Scriberia ( based on Marc Metzger and James Peterson's ideas and valuable input from members of the VOLANTE consortium. This file provides a brief description of the visions. For more detailed information please refer to: • Perez-Soba M., Paterson J., Metzger M.J., Gramberger M., Houtkamp J., Jensen A., Murray-Rust D., Verkerk P.J. (2018) Sketching sustainable land use in Europe by 2040: a multi-stakeholder participatory approach to elicit cross-sectoral visions. Regional Environmental Change in press. • Metzger M.J., Lindner M., Pedroli B. (in press) Towards a roadmap for sustainable land use in Europe Regional Environmental Change in press.

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Metzger, Marc J; Paterson, James; Scriberia. (2018). Three illustrated land use visions of Europe for 2040, [image]. The University of Edinburgh.
Date made available21 Mar 2018
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
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