Traveller Genes Data Dictionary

  • Rachel Edwards (Creator)
  • Craig Sinclair (Creator)
  • Jim Wilson (Creator)
  • David Buchanan (Creator)
  • Shona Kerr (Creator)



Traveller Genes is a research study supported by the Traveller community. We're looking at the genetics, origins and health of over 200 volunteers who have at least two grandparents who are or were Travellers. This includes Scottish Travellers, Irish Travellers, Romanichal or Romany, or Welsh Kale. We aim to identify the genetic origins and relationships of the Scottish Traveller community e.g. Highland Travellers, Lowland Travellers, Borders Romanichal Travellers. We also want to understand how Scottish Travellers are related to other communities and their overall patterns of health.

Participants are asked to complete a questionnaire and provide a saliva sample. This data dictionary outlines what volunteers were asked and indicates the data you can access. To access the data, please e-mail

Data Citation

Wilson, Jim Flett; Buchanan, David; Kerr, Shona M; Edwards, Rachel; Sinclair, Craig. (2021). Traveller Genes Data Dictionary, [dataset]. University of Edinburgh. Usher Institute.
Date made available25 Oct 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare

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