Uganda Travel Time to nearest Level IV health centre Map Output

  • Magnus Hagdorn (Creator)
  • Gary Watmough (Creator)
  • Jodie Brumhead (Creator)



A 20 m spatial resolution geotiff of travel time to level IV health facilities in Uganda. Level IV facilities typically have Qualified nurses, Nurse aids, Clinical officers (physicians assistants) and Doctors (not all will have doctors) present within them. The services that Level IV facilities typically provide are; laboratory services, operations, maternity care, Inpatient care. The data was generated using the Child Poverty and Access to Services (CPAS) software (10.5281/zenodo.4638563) and was created as part of the CPAS project within the Data for Children Collaborative. The travel time is calculated assuming walking speeds and has been reduced by 22% to reflect the fact that children do not walk as fast adults. A full description will be available in a paper that has been submitted for review.

Data Citation

Watmough, Gary; Hagdorn, Magnus; Brumhead, Jodie. (2021). Uganda Travel Time to nearest Level IV health centre Map Output, 2016-2020 [dataset]. Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF and University of Edinburgh. School of Geosciences.
Date made available9 Jul 2021
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage2016 - 2020
Geographical coverageUganda,UGANDA,UG

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