VoE EVENT 03_2018 Searching Reading Listening_Transcription and audio



Event chaired by Panel and Voices of Experience. Panel participants: Suzanne Ewing, Jude Barber, Nicola Mclachlan, Adele Patrick, Catriona Duffy, Lucy McEachan, Franki Fitch.
Text transcription of event with images and references (c. 18,000 words). Accompanied by approx 2hs audio.

‘From Glasgow Women’s Library is a new collection of products developed by Panel with Glasgow Women’s Library. Inspired by the history of the organisation, its library, archive and museum collection, each piece speaks to women’s history and experience.
To celebrate Finch and Fouracre’s sketchbook commission, we have partnered with Panel to discuss How role models and built environment histories might be re-thought through searching, reading and listening to experienced women architects who have been written out of mainstream history? We will do this through a series of small active workshops, over tea and cake, and celebrate Finch and Fouracre’s architecture inspired sketchbook for the Library.

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Ewing, Suzanne. (2022). VoE EVENT 03_2018 Searching Reading Listening_Transcription and audio, 2018 [sound]. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. https://doi.org/10.7488/ds/3496.
Date made available9 Aug 2022
PublisherEdinburgh DataShare
Temporal coverage2018 - 2018
Geographical coverageScotland,UK,UNITED KINGDOM

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