Biochar Pilot Scale Plant - Stage 3 (BIO)

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    The Stage III pyrolysis pilot plant facility is part of the UK Biochar Research Centre (UKBRC), established following award of an EPSRC and Scottish Funding Council “Science and Innovation” grant in 2008.

    The facility is housed within the UKBRC labs. It is used for the pyrolysis of pure virgin or used biomass and biomass mixes and mixtures at temperatures up to 850°C to co-produce biochar, bio-oil and pyrolysis gas. It is a continuous unit with a throughput of up to 50 kg of feedstock per hour and therefore has the capability to produce bespoke biochars for testing in research and commercial projects.

    As a research instrument, there is also the ability to closely control and monitor the pyrolysis process, e.g. through temperature and gas sampling


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