Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility Mass Spectrometry Core in the QMRI

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    The Mass Spectrometry Core is run by Dr Natalie Homer and Deputy Core Manager Scott Denham. Novel bioanlaytical research conducted for targeted Mass Spectrometry of small molecules in clinical, preclinical, biological and veterinary research. Including steroid hormones, vitamin D, tryptophan metabolism, paracetamol metabolism and pharmacokinetics.


    Name6500 QTrap and 5500 QTrap
    ManufacturersA B Sciex, Warrington, United Kingdom
    NameOrbitrap Exploris™ 240
    ManufacturersThermo Fisher Scientific
    NameGC-MS/MS 9000 Ultra TQS
    ManufacturersThermo Fisher Scientific
    NameAcquity I-Class UPLC
    ManufacturersWaters Ltd


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