Electron Probe Microanalysis Facility (EPMA)

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    The facility supports in-house research, as well as provides academic and commercial services in electron probe microanalysis and tephra analysis.

    The Electron Probe Micro-Analyser (EPMA) is an analytical tool used to determine the chemical composition of small volumes of solid materials. Its applications include Earth and environmental materials, archaeological sciences, and engineering. Our EPMA analytical capabilities, combined with data processing software, form a very powerful and cost-effective tool for academic and industrial research.

    We offer bespoke analytical set-ups for almost any element combination in solids such as minerals, glasses, metals and alloys, ceramics and biominerals. The facility has developed specialist applications for specific researchers and research communities, and since the 1990s we have served the UK-based and international Earth and environmental research communities via the Tephra Analysis Unit.

    The Electron Probe Microanalysis Facility is run in conjunction with:

    The Ion Micro-Probe (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, SIMS) Facility
    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Facility. Together, they form a unique suite of analytical instruments within the Edinburgh Materials and Micro-Analysis Centre (EMMAC). The facilities are located within the School of GeoSciences, at the University of Edinburgh.


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