Experimental Geoscience Facility (EXG)

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    The Experimental Geoscience Facility is a suite of laboratories based in the Grant Institute equipped to support experimental investigations of physical, chemical and coupled Earth processes. Equipment / instruments include 2 piston cylinder (solid media) and several atmospheric furnaces for controlled (P, T, heating rate, gas composition, fO2) experimentation at high PT. Two Internally Heated Gas Apparatus (IHPV) are available for experimentation at 700-1000C and 2-6 kbar. The solid media apparatus are used over the P-T range 5-30 kbar and 700-1500C. A multi-anvil cell that can be fit into the larger solid media rig enables experimentation to pressures in excess of 40 kbar.

    The suite includes a petrology lab which has a Cold Seal and internally heated gas pressure vessels for experiments as well as a Rock Physics Laboratory for standard sample size triaxial rock physics experiments.


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