Organic Geochemistry Facility (OGF)

  • Stephen Mowbray (Manager)

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    The Organic Geochemistry facility houses analytical capabilities and instrumentation for extraction, separation, identification and quantification of a wide range of natural and contaminant organic chemicals from a broad spectrum of sample matrices, e.g. sediments, natural waters, peat, algae. The main instrumentation: GC-MS, GC-FID, HPLC-DAD-FLD, DOC/TDN analyser.

    Methods are established for the following analytes: Trace-level Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) and Nitrogen (TDN) with Shimadzu TOC-V Analyser, Amino acids (HPLC or GC-MS), D/L amino acid ratios (HPLC), Total carbohydrates (colourimetric), Carbohydrate monomers (GC, GC-MS) Lignin phenols (Alkaline oxidation,GC, GC-MS), Volatile Fatty Acids (GC-FID), Phytoplankton Pigments (HPLC), Chlorophyll-a (fluorimeter)

    In addition to the main instruments in the facility there is supporting equipment (e.g. fume cupboards, microbalance, freeze drier, autoclave, muffle furnace, Ultra-low temperature freezer, organic-clean ultrapure water, Soxhlet extraction equipment, ultrasonic equipment, centrifugal and rotary evaporation systems).

    Users have included: GeoSciences UG dissertation students, PGR students Post-doctoral fellows, users from other UoE schools as well as other institutions and organisations.


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