X-Ray Defraction (XRD)

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    Small Research Facility, Grant Building. Rooms 2.230, 2.231, 2.233, 2.234.

    The XRD (X-ray Diffraction) Facility provides a bulk analytical technique capable of rapid mineralogical analysis of virtually any crystalline material. Qualitative and quantitative analyses are available as well as clay analyses.

    Facilities are provided for the preparation, analysis and spectrum fitting/interpretation of samples. Samples are prepared as powders for introduction into the instrument. Users normally prepare their own samples, with training and supervision by the facility manager.

    The facility manager runs the instrument, analyses and interprets the results, and explains the technique to users. Supporting equipment, which are housed in the Cutting and Grinding underpinning facilities, include: rock cutting, crushing and grinding equipment; orbital mill to produce powders; micronising mill to produce fine powders; spray dryer.


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