Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The Edinburgh Europa Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre within the University of Edinburgh devoted to the study of the governance, institutions, law and policies of the European Union, and of Europe more broadly. Founded in 1968, the Europa Institute is one of the most active and longest-established specialist centres of advanced study on European integration in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Its purpose is to facilitate academic analysis, teaching and debate of the history and processes of European integration, with specific reference to the policies and institutions of the European Union and its Member States.

Our Institute brings together world-class scholars across many aspects of European integration and supports a vibrant community of researchers and students. The collective impact of our work in these areas ensures that the Europa Institute occupies a central and strategic position in national and international networks of scholars working on the EU. It provides a unique environment in Scotland’s capital to explore the key issues facing Europe today.

The Europa Institute benefits from close contacts with leading researchers in European Studies, and practitioners from around the world. We organise a range of events, including lectures, seminars and conferences. We also provide a platform for policymakers and public figures to make keynote speeches of interest to the wider public.


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