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I am currently a Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor) a tenured academic position at the University of Edinburgh, and the Director of Innovation at the Usher Institute. I have co-authored 60+ peer-reviewed publications (including The Lancet, Brain, BMJ Open, Thorax, IEEE Transactions, JMIR, JACI), and I am an inventor in 2 patents granted. I have completed my DPhil and MSc, both from the University of Oxford, in Biomedical Engineering. My experience includes intelligent algorithm development (including extensive signal processing and machine learning theory and implementation), data mining large electronic health records to study chronic conditions (COPD, asthma) and digital health system design. I lead the DIME group (Data-driven Innovation in MEdicine) based in the Usher Institute, Edinburgh Medical School. 

Collaborative Activity

What's your area of expertise?

Signal Processing: time-series analysis, time and frequency-domain analysis, filtering

Machine Learning: Supervised Learning (Classification, Regression), Unsupervised Learning (Clustering), Dimentionality Reduction (e.g. PCA), Data Exploration and Visualisation (e.g. Neuroscale visuallisation using neural networks), Model Selection, Preprocessing

Tools: MATLAB, R, Scikit Learn (Python)

How could this be applied to the outside world?

Any company/research group that has lots of data and they want to make use of that to build intelligent algorithms to help in their business or research. I can also undertake training workshops to train staff in Data Science.

Who would be interested in you? 

I am open to all sorts of industries who has data and are keen to make use of data to achieve an objective. My personal research experience has mostly been in healthcare but I have undertaken some projects which are in different domains.

Education/Academic qualification

Electronics Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering, Master of Science, University of Oxford

Biomedical Signal Processing and Machine Learning, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Oxford


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  • 2023 Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Healthcare Data Analytics

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