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2010-2014 - Doctor of Philosophy - General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, The University of Oxford

2008-2010 - Master of Philosophy - General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, The University of Oxford

2006-2008 - Master of Science - Teaching English to Speakers of other languages, The City University of New York

2002-2003 - Education Licentiate & Philosophy Teacher Certification, Universidad Catolica de Chile

1999-2003 - Philosophy Licentiate, Universidad Catolica de Chile (Distinction)

1997-1999 - Baccalaureate in Social Sciences and Hunamities, Universidad Catolica de Chile (class valedictorian)

Visiting and Research Positions

Work Experience - Research

2018-2021 - Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, The Angus McIntosh Centre for Historical Linguistics, School of PPLS, The University of Edinburgh

2014-2018 - Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, The Angus McIntosh Centre for Historical Linguistics, School of PPLS, The University of Edinburgh

2013-2014 - Research Assistant, Bristish Academy Project, University of Oxford

2013-2014 - Research Assistant, ERC Grant, University of Oxford

May-Jun 14' - Research Assistant, Georgetown University and American University of Cairo

2009-2010 - Graduate Assistant, University of Oxford

Work Experience - Lecturing and Teaching

Spring 2014 - "Paper V: Geman Linguistics" Tutor, University of Oxford (undergrad programme)

2010-2012 - "Phonological Problems" Lecturer, University of Oxford (Masters Programme)

2010-2011 - "General Linguistics" Tutor, University of Oxford (undergrad programme)

Winter/Spring 2011 - "Phonology" Tutor, University of Oxford, 

2000-2003 - Teaching Assistant - Catholic University of Chile, Philosophy Department. 

Work Experience - Other

2014 - Freelance Pronunciations Editor- Oxford English Dictionary - Oxford University

summer 2014 - English as a Foreign Langauge Teacher, St Claire's College Oxford

Summer 2012 - English as a Foreign Langauge Teacher The Oxford English Centre

Summer 2011 - English as a Foreign Langauge Teacher, OISE: Oxford Intensive School of English

Mar 09'- Aug 10' - English as a Foreign Langauge Teacher, Oxford International Study Centre

2006-2008 - New York City Teaching Fellow in English as a Second Language. NYC Dept. of Education

Mar 05' -May 06' - Consultant in Organisational Development and HR, Cahuala Consultancies, Chile

Mar 03'- Dec 04' - English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and Philosophy Teacher, Colegio Cahuala Insular, Chile 

Current Research Interests

Mapudungun language and culture: Much of my current research deals with the perception, acoustics and diachronic development of stress in the Mapudungun language, spoken by the Mapuche ethnic people of southern Chile and Argentina. As a agglutinating, polysynthetic weight-sensitive language Mapudungun offers a unique view into the relationship between prosody and morphology.

Older Scots phonology: As a member of the FITS team, I am particularly interested in the earliest attested independent stages of the Scots language and the phonological structure that can be gleaned from its orthography. One of the major challenges in this area – which our project addresses – is that of disentangling the diachronic sources of Scots sounds from amongst the numerous languages that interacted in the Lowland Scottish burghs from the 12th century onwards.

Germanic Historical phonology and morphology: I have conducted corpus-based research on the history of Old English verbal prefixes: the causes for their loss and survival. I am particularly interested in how the changing metrical structures of the language played a role in the productivity of these prefixes. My intention is to expand this study to other closely related languages.

"Fake" geminate consonants in English and German: These are consonants produced as a result of the concatenation of morphemes with identical final and initial segments, which are expected to have different acoustic and representational features from "true" geminates in other langauges.



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