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Behaviour of volatiles and fluid-mobile elements in subduction zones, geochemistry and petrology of mafic and ultramafic (metamorphic) rocks, trace-element partitioning between minerals, mantle petrology and geothermobarometry, volcanology and igneous petrology, in-situ analytical techniques (SIMS and ICP-MS)

Current Research Interests

  • Boron isotopes as a tracer of subduction processes and deep volatile recycling (collaborators Ivan Savov, Leeds, Kristina Walowskli, Washington State, Ralf Halama, Keele)
  • The role of phengite (high-pressure muscovite) in volatile recycling in subduction zones, incl boron, nitrogen, halogens. Collab. Ralf Halama, Keele. PhD student Ben Harris.
  • Petrogenesis of mid-Atlantic peridotites. Collab. Scott Whattam, Saudi Univ Farad.
  • Apatite as a recorder of magmatic volatile processes. Collab. Madeleine Humphreys (Durham), Richard Brooker (Bristol).
  • Petrogenesis of alkaline volcanism in Central Italy (Collab. Igor Nikogosian, Janne Koornneef, VU Amsterdam).
  • Trace element geochemistry of olivine from mantle rocks: applications to geothermobarometry and mantle petrogenesis. Olivine inclusions in diamonds (collaboration with Thomas Stachel, University of Alberta). Rare earth elements in olivine (MRes student Xinkai He).
  • Behaviour of volatiles and fluid-mobile elements during dehydration of subducting serpentinites. Collaborative project with K. Hattori (University of Ottawa)
  • Formation and evolution of cratonic roots - distinguishing metasomatic imprint from primary mantle signatures. Case studies from Kaalvallei and Kirkland Lake xenolith suites. Collaborative project with Dan Schulze (University of Toronto).


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