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Italian Biopolitics
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Federica G. Pedriali is Professor of Literary Metatheory and Modern Italian Studies. She is Director of the Edinburgh Gadda Projects, Director and General Editor of the Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies, Chair of the Edinburgh Gadda Prize, and Director of the Italo-Scottish Research Cluster.

Federica has published extensively on the contemporary Italian canon and its margins, with applications in particular from Derrida and the French theorists. Her books include: (ed) Enciclopedia gaddiana (Fabrizio Serra, fortcoming 2019, 2 vols, 1200pp), Sum qui sum. Vita offesa e ordignità tra Manzoni e Lampedusa (ETS, fortcoming 2018), Gadda Goes to War. Translational Provocations around an Emergency (2013), No-Where-Next | War-Diaspora-Origin (with C. Pirozzi – 2013), Altre carceri d’invenzione. Studi gaddiani (2007) (Selezione Arché 2007; Shortlist Premio Tassoni 2007), La farmacia degli incurabili. Da Collodi a Calvino (2006) (Nuove Lettere Prize 2005; Runner-up Mario Soldati Prize 2006). Her biopolitical reading of WWI won the Runner-up Prize of the Marcel Proust Award (2018). At present she is working on Italian Biopolitics from Giordano Bruno to Roberto Esposito, and on the Great War and the war technologies of peace. Her book projects include: (ed) The Esposito Dictionary, the 2 volume set The Universe Stinks. Props, Gaps and Last Subjects, From Bruno to Gadda (vol. 1) and From Freud to Foucault (vol. 2), and a short monograph Vitruvian Man. Re-reading Origin with Agamben.

Federica has secured three large grants in the last six years: H2020 Marie Curie International Fellowship (co-applicant with Dr Cristina Savettieri, 2015-2017); Newton International Fellowship (co-applicant with Dr Alberto Godioli, 2013-2014); Carnegie Trust Large Grant (2012-2013). She was Visiting Professor at Harvard (2001), Pavia (2012), and Harvard (2014-2016), and has served as External International Assessor on European grant schemes and on the Italian Research Assessment Exercise ANVUR (2011-). She has been External Examiner at Durham (2009-2013), Florence (2017), Harvard (2017), Ghent (2014), Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa (2016, 2012), St Andrews (2014), and the National University of Ireland Galway (2014-2018). 

Federica’s approach to academic work combines a marked theoretical drive and a highly collaborative research ethos, with strong commitment to her communities. Through the Edinburgh Gadda Projects, these now reach deep into the larger community, especially as a result of the close links she has established with both the creative industries and the wider educational sector since founding the Edinburgh Gadda Prize in 2010.


88 publications – 4 monographs | 20 book chapters | 21 journal articles | 15 single-edited vols | 7 co-edited vols | 19 encyclopedia lemmas | 2 general reference

4,689 pages in print – 1,424 single-authored | 3,265 edited

Prizes – Runner up Prize, Marcel Proust Prize 2018 | Runner up Prize, Mario Soldati Prize 2006 | Winner, Nuove Lettere Prize 2005

Large Grants (2012-) – European Commission, Carnegie Trust, Royal Society UK (Total: £250,000)

Citations – 418 verified scholarly citations, 338 of which not captured by Google Scholars

Academia.edu – Harvard Lecture video, 447 views since 1/2/2018 | Top research paper, 227 views since 1/2/2018

Inaugural Lecture – 4,411 YouTube views since 20/9/2012

Edinburgh Gadda Projects, April 2018 Data – 29,410 google result on ave per search | 744 sessions per week | 1,926 page views per week | 524 users per week – 30% of which returning

Edinburgh Gadda Projects, 2007 Milestone – 7.3% of user traffic to Edinburgh servers | 3rd most accessed on College server



Administrative Roles


  • Professor of Literary Metatheory and Modern Italian Studies
  • Director Edinburgh Gadda Projects
  • Director and General Editor EJGS – Edinburgh Journal of Gadda Studies
  • Director ISRC Italo-Scottish Research Cluster
  • Head of Italian
  • Exam Board Convener
  • Research Adviser
  • Postgraduate Coordinator


External Examiner Appointments

  • Harvard University, 2017, PhD Programme
  • Florence University, 2017, PhD Programme
  • Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, 2016, PhD Programme
  • National University Ireland Galway, 2014-2018, UG & PG Programmes
  • Ghent University, 2014, PhD Programme
  • St Andrews University, 2014, PhD Programme
  • Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, 2012, PhD Programme
  • Durham University, 2009-2013, UG & PG Programmes


Visiting and Research Positions


  • Visiting Professor, Harvard University, July 2014 to December 2015
  • Visiting Professor, Pavia University, 2012
  • Personal Chair, 2008
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council, Research Leave, 2005
  • Visiting Fellow, Harvard University, 2005
  • Reader 2004
  • Visiting Professor, Harvard University, 2000-2001


Current Research Interests


  • Modern and Contemporary Italian Culture
  • Comparative Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Biopolitics, Italian Theory
  • Cognitive Narratology
  • Translation Studies
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Digital Humanities
  • Electronic Publishing


Collaborative Activity


Knowledge exchange, public engagement, impact



The Edinburgh Gadda Projects were founded by Federica Pedriali in 2000. They comprise the Edinburgh Gadda Journal, Gaddus Scholars, the Edinburgh Gadda Prize, and the Edinburgh Gadda Encyclopedia. The Projects are distinctive for rigour, reach and significance, and have made Edinburgh a recognised leader in the subject area. Outcomes span outputs, environment and impact, and include early career training opportunities and public engagement events. Knowledge exchange and commitment to the user community have been central to the Projects from the start. Impact data, including levels of web user traffic, other professionals involvement and wider engagement in the community, are both robust and in the public domain.


Virtual communities

EGPs web users are consistently global. Google Analytics data submitted to REF 2014 (400,000 clicks on average per annum) confirm the exceptional user levels and global demographics revealed by national statistics at the 2007 census, with the Projects claiming 7.3% all of traffic to the Edinburgh servers, and making the EGPs the third most accessed resource in the College of Humanities and Social Science. 

There are four main web platforms supporting the Projects at present. In the 12-month data sample selected for REF 2014, the primary websites, Edinburgh Gadda Journal and Edinburgh Gadda Prize, logged respectively 301,481 clicks from 155 countries and 105 languages (394 daily highest), and 89,645 clicks from 118 countries and 86 languages (214 daily highest), with further excellent user data being accrued through the social media (Facebook and YouTube Channels).


Initiatives on the ground

The Edinburgh Gadda Projects have developed a unique approach to knowledge exchange and academic public engagement through world class research originated, implemented and shared through the web media. This has given the expertise, track record and clout to further the campaign for innovation and development through series of initiatives on the ground. Four major international event programmes – Edinburgh 2010, Milan 2011, Edinburgh 2012 and Montecassino 2013 – were delivered in the 2008-2013 cycle, with Harvard 2015 already in the count for the current census period.


Sample event – Edinburgh 2012

Edinburgh 2012 brought together several communities (academic, other professional, wider educational, general audience) through one integrated event Gadda è teatro | Scholarship is engagement, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 20-22 September 2012. The programme had its centrepiece in the UK premiere of Fabrizio Gifuni’s award-winning play L’ingegner Gadda va alla guerra, a collaboration which also resulted in the publication of the first English Gadda Companion, Gadda Goes to War. Translational Provocations around an Emergency (EUP 2013). The book comprises the first substantial Gadda English translation since the 1960s, and the first DVD of primary Gadda material with English subtitles. Typically, Edinburgh 2012 generated also information packages, photographic records, film footage, user interviews, news items in the national press, questionnaire returns, testimonials and feedback. 


Sample Event Trailer – Montecassino 2013



The ISRC Italo-Scottish Research Cluster was founded by Federica Pedriali in 2012. The ISRC Archive is the first online archive in Scotland and the UK to preserve historical documentation relating to one of Scotland’s largest immigrant communities over the last 130 years. The ISRC will make this rich heritage not just available but also productive in both the scholarly and the wider community. This will be achieved through an innovative approach to multimedia conservation resulting in an Online Archive produced in collaboration with the creative industries, and comprising new commissioned work in the form of experimental documentaries and plays. Stage One of the project (2012-2013) was generously funded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland. 


Training Opportunities

In 2016-2017 four Erasmus Traineeships were secured by graduates and Hons students from the Universities of Bologna, Pavia, Reggio Calabria, and the Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa to spend a period of between three and six months as Trainees with the Edinburgh Gadda Projects.  




Edinburgh Gadda Journal – www.gadda.ed.ac.uk

  • 3rd most accessed online resource in the College of Humanities and Social Science (2007 national stats)
  • 7.3% user traffic to Edinburgh University Servers (2007 national stats)
  • 301,481 clicks August 2012 to August 2013 (Google Analytics stats)
  • 394 daily highest (Google Analytics stats)
  • access from 155 countries, 105 languages (Google Analytics stats)

Edinburgh Gadda Prize – www.gaddaprize.ed.ac.uk

  • 89,645 clicks August 2012 to August 2013 (Google Analytics stats)
  • 214 daily highest (Google Analytics stats) 
  • access from 118 countries and 86 languages (Google Analytics stats) 

Facebook – www.facebook.com/EdinburghGaddaProjects
YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/edinburghgadda


Sample Event Trailer – http://vimeo.com/79044984



Research students


Simone Calabrò
PhD – Autofiction in the French and Italian contemporary Novel. Assistant Supervisor.
Giuseppe Episcopo
PhD – Literary Modes and Modern Science: Calvino, Levi, Gadda. Principal Supervisor.

Christopher John Ferguson
PhD – Carlo Emilio Gadda as Man of Science and Religion. Principal Supervisor. Awarded 2012.
Alberto Godioli
Postdoc, Newton International Fellowship. A Grammar of Laughter in the Realist Novel. The Reception of English Models from Balzac to Gadda. Principal Supervisor. Completed 2014.

Susanna Grazzini
MScR – Acquainted with Carlo Emilio Gadda. The Atypical Reception and Translation of an Italian Modernist in the English-speaking World. Principal Supervisor. Awarded 2014.

Yousef Hamdan
PhD – The Concept of Poetry in Majallat Shiᶜr and New Criticism. Assistant Supervisor. Awarded 2013.
Alessandra Pellegrini de Luca
PhD – The Lead Years in Contemporary Italian Fiction. Assistant Supervisor.

Carlo Pirozzi
Postdoc, Carnegie Large Grant Appointed Researcher. The ISRC Archive, Stage One. Principal Supervisor. Completed 2013.

Carlo Pirozzi
Postdoc, John Di Ciacca Fellowship. A First Mapping the Italo-Scottish Community 1880-1950. Principal Supervisor. Completed 2012. 
Daniela Sannino
PhD – The European Art Routes of Carlo Placci, Journalist, Writer and Cultural Mediator. Principal Supervisor.
Cristina Savettieri
Postdoc. H2020 Marie Curie International Fellowship. FatherMotherland: Fatherland as Motherland. Unstable Gender and Nation in Italian Great War Literature. Principal Investigator and Mentor.

Giulia Totò
PhD – Translating and Retranslating English Stream of Consciousness into Italian. A Study of Selected Novels by James Joyce and Virginia Woolf. Principal Supervisor. Awarded 2014.
Italian 320 – Postgraduate Research Supervision
Dalila Colucci, Eloisa Morra, Javier Suarez Trejo, Chiara Trebaiocchi





Undergraduate, Full Semester

  • Italian 132, Deconstructing Rome
  • Italian 133, Italy The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Italian 134, Situated Minds. Total Toxicity & Other Modernist Embodiment


Postgraduate, Full Semester

  • Italian 240, Gadda Goes To War. Provocations around the State-Stage
  • Italian 242, Locating Utopos. From Thomas More to Veronica Roth
  • Italian 244, Italian Biopolitics from Giordano Bruno to Roberto Esposito
  • Italian 320, Postgraduate Research Supervision





Undergraduate, Full and Half Semester

  • Italian 4 Option, Italian Biopolitics from Bruno to Esposito
  • Italian 4 Option, Cleaning up the “Mess”. A Test for Theory
  • Italian 4 Option, Fiction from the Deep. The Svevo (Copernican) Revolution
  • Italian 4 Option, Manzoni, Verga, and the Crisis of Italian Narration
  • DELC 2 IET, Warring Subjects in 20thc European Theatre
  • Italian 2, Detecting Italy. Sciascia, Camilleri, Gadda, Macchiavelli, Lucarelli
  • Italian 2, Post-risorgimental Syndromes. From Collodi to Umberto Eco
  • Italian 2, Italian Poetry between the World Wars
  • Italian 1, Calvino. Subject-Photographer
  • Italian 1, Italian Modernism. An Introduction
  • Italian 1, The Late Subject. Pirandello’s “Mattia Pascal”


Postgraduate, Full and Half Semester Taught Masters

  • MSc Theatre Perfomance Performativity, Censorship and Drama
  • MSc Comparative Literature, Situated Mind Theory
  • MSc European Studies, From Freud to Foucault. Scientific Knowledge and Social Constraint
  • MSc Autonomy of Performance, Stock Revolutions. From Commedia dell’arte to 20thc Physical Theatre
  • MSc Autonomy of Performance, Gadda Goes to War. Ethics of Performance
  • MSc Theatre and Performance, World of Harlequin. The Goldoni Evolution
  • MSc Theatre and Performance, Triumph of the Jester. Fo’s New Commedia
  • MSc Theatre and Performance, Pirandello’s Superior Naked Masks
  • MScT Theory and Practice of Translation, Practice portfolio



External positions

Visiting Professor, Harvard University

1 Jul 201431 Dec 2015

Visiting Professor, Pavia University

1 Apr 201231 Aug 2012

Visiting Professor, Harvard University

1 Jan 200130 Jun 2001


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