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Research Groups

VOILAb: Vortex Interaction Laboratory

Lab members

Dr Chandan Bose (Research Associate)
Dr Yabin Liu (Research Associate)
Dr Stefano Gambuzza (Research Associate)
Dr Shūji Ōtomo (Research Associate)
Jean-Babtiste Souppez (PhD)
Geethanjali Pavar (PhD)
Callum Bruce (PhD)
Kuba Frankowski (PhD)
Doudou Huang (PhD)
Bappa Mitra (PhD)
Mridu Sai Charan Aerukalava Seshasayee (PhD)
Fangyuan Liu (Visiting PhD)


Dr Daniele Certini (PhD, 2022)
Dr Gabriele Pisetta (PhD, 2022)
Dr Shūji Ōtomo (PhD, 2021)
Dr Kristin Luttik (PhD, 2021)
Dr Weidong Dai (PhD, 2021)
Dr Abel Arredondo-Galeana (Research Associate, 2019-2020)
Dr Cathal Cummins (Research Associate, 2016-2019)
Dr Gabriel Thomas Scarlett (PhD, 2019)
Dr Abel Arredondo-Galeana (PhD, 2019)
Dr Tamás István Józsa (PhD, 2018)
Rowan Evelin Muir (MScR, 2018)
Robin LeMestre (Visitor, 2016)
Dr Francesca Tagliaferri (PhD, 2015)

Current Research Interests

VOILAb: Vortex Interaction Laboratory

Our research is in fluid mechanics and our focus is on those conditions where the forces on a body immersed in a fluid are due to the formation of vortical flow structures. This often occurs in nature, where natural evolution has led to optimal solutions for complex problems. Hence, we seek inspiration from the fluid mechanics of plants and animals to develop new technology. Vortices, for instance, are exploited by natural flyers to fly stably and efficiently in the turbulent wind. Similarly, the forces on very thin surfaces, such as the wings of small drones and the sails of a yacht, are dominated by vortex flow. Our research aims to understand and, when possible control, the formation, stability and interaction of these vortices in order to improve performance, efficiency and survivability of different engineering systems.

Visit our Laboratory webpage: https://voilab.eng.ed.ac.uk


  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Marine Energy


Education/Academic qualification

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Experimental and numerical aerodynamics of sailing yachts, Politecnico di Milano

Award Date: 2 Oct 2008

Master of Engineering, Università degli studi di Genova

Award Date: 26 Apr 2001


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