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Research Interests

My main area of research is ancient Greek philosophy. I am interested in ancient theories of mind and matter, moral philosophy, science and medicine. I specialise in Aristotle and Aristotelian tradition, and pursue research also in Platonism and Stoic philosophy. I also have research interests in medieval philosophy, in particular, in early Byzantine philosophy and Greek philosophy in the Arabic sources.



1986: B.A Philosophy, Moscow State University 

1990: M.A Philosophy, Moscow State University 

1999: PhD Philosophy, University of Toronto

Visiting and Research Positions

2005- Present: Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy, School of PPLS, University of Edinburgh

Courses Taught: Lectures on Arguments for god's Existence (pre- honours indrotuction to Philosophy (2005), Lectures on Aristotle (Greats 2008/9, 2012/13), Ancient Theories of Existence. 

New Courses Developed: Honours/MSc: Topics in Hellenistic Philosophy, Ancient Theories of Mind, Ancient Theories of Knowledge, Aristotle. 

MSc and Research: Ancient Philosophy Seminar I and II

2003-2005: Research Fellow, Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Project, King College London

2001-2002: Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy and St Hilda's College, Oxford

2000-2001: Fixed Term Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Victoria, Canada

1999-2000: Part Time Lecturer, York University, Toronto and University of Toronto

1997-1999: Graduate Instructor, University of Toronto

Administrative Roles

2012-2017: PPLS School Quality Assurance and Enhancement Officer

2008-Present: Departmental Quality Assurance and Enhancement officer, Member of the PPLS QAE Committee

2008-Present: Founding Director of MSc Programme in Anicent Philosophy 

2008-2009: Member of the PPLS PG Committee

2008-2010: Departmental Library Officer, Member of the PPLS Library Committee

2007-2011: Departmental Webmaster

2006-Present: Director of Studies

2005-Present: Philosophy MSc Board of Examiners

Course Organiser:

2005-2006: Philosophy 2B

Ancient Theories of Existence

New Courses Developed:

2006-2007: Topics in Hellenistic Philosophy

2007-2008: Ancient Theories of Knowledge

2010-2011: Ancientr Theories of Mind

2011-2012: Aristotle

2011-Present: MSc; Ancient Philosophy Survey ( New interdisciplinary format), Ancient Philosophy Seminar UG Dissertation Preparation Course Organiser.

2003-2005: Ancient Commentators Project Adnministrator, Kings College London (as part of a research fellowship). 


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