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Dr Jules Rawlinson is an audiovisual composer, improviser and designer working with electronic sound, digital visuals and interactive technologies in solo and collaborative settings. He is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Design at Edinburgh College of Art in the University of Edinburgh.

Jules’ solo works are characterised by filigree layers of detail and texture such as that in Interval and Instance (2018-22), an audiovisual exploration of speed, motion and scale in archival material from pioneering scientific filmmaker Eric Lucey, which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2018, and was subsequently selected for presentation at at the CCA in Glasgow, Sonorities Festival in Belfast and inclusion in the documentary film selection for the Royal Musical Association conference in 2020.

Jules’ collaborative output includes the long-form audiovisual suites A Requiem for Edward Snowden (2015-16) with Matthew Collings, and Lie Still My Sleepy Fortunes with Raymond MacDonald (2018-19), both selected for Creative Scotland’s Made In Scotland showcase at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Jules is also one-third of Raw Green Rust, a laptop trio with Owen Green and Dave Murray-Rust that try to make a virtue of the confusion of agency that collective laptop music can exhibit, featuring a number of times on BBC Radio 3's Hear and Now programme.

Jules regularly presents and performs work at international festivals and conferences including Sonorities, xCoAx, Seeing Sound, International Conference on Live Interfaces, Convergence, Beyond and more. Recent outputs make innovative use of archival material coupled with machine learning and AI design in corpus-based aesthetics of transformation, and answer questions around the role of form in non-linear interactive experiences, in particular dealing with issues of space, scale and interaction in w[i]nd (2020), a rich and immersive audiovisual experience in a first-person virtual environment. Informatic approaches to performance practice with large datasets of sound samples of emerging sound-synthesis techniques are also a feature of his Pulsar Retcon release (2021) on the international by-invitation Superpang label.

Jules is a founding member of the LLEAPP network exploring performance practice with live electronics. Other projects include multimedia works for New Media Scotland, Glenmorangie, Cybersonica and the New Radiophonic Workshop.



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