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Dr. Matthew Swaffer is a Wellcome Trust CDA Fellow and Group Leader at the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology. Drawing on various sub-disciplines in cell, molecular, and systems biology, the Swaffer lab aims to understand how and why different cellular processes and pathways are re-wired as cells grow and change their size (see for more details)

After studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, Matthew obtained his PhD in Sir Paul Nurse's lab at the Francis Crick Institute working on Cyclin-Cdk substrate phosphorylation dynamics. In 2017 he moved to Stanford as a postdoc with Jan Skothiem where he developed quantitative functional genomics approaches to address the long-standing mystery of how global transcriptional output is scaled with cell size. Matthew then moved to Edinburgh to establish his own group in 2023.




  • QH301 Biology
  • CellBiology
  • Cell Division
  • Gene expression
  • RNA biology
  • Cell Size
  • Transcription
  • Genomics
  • Quantitative Biology


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