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Prof Clark's research interests are the major unsolved questions in particle physics: the properties of the recently discovered Higgs boson  and the nature of the fundamental particle mass generation mechanism.

CP violation (matter-antimatter asymmetry) and understanding the rare decays of particles created in particle accelerator collisions, are additional long-term interests.

He is interested in new computer architectures, particularly the advent of many-core and GPGPU (General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units) devices.

Previously he led the Edinburgh GridPP (Computing Grid for Particle Physics) effort and was Chairman of the ScotGrid Tier-2 compute and data centre.

He created the University’s research programme in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, where he currently holds a CERN associateship.


  • Introduction to Java Programming (MSc)

  • Research Methods: Introduction to Maple (3rd & 4th year)

  • Physics 2A: Forces, Fields & Potentials (2nd year)

  • Physics 1B: Nuclear, Particle and Astrophysics (1st year)


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