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Social media, philosophy of information technology, design theory, hermeneutics, space and place.
I’m interested in supervising or co-supervising topics such as: the social and philosophical implications of new media, such as social media, mobile devices, ubiquitous communications; practical, technical explorations into mobile media; the changing mass media milieu, citizen journalism, crowd sourcing, blogging, collaborative creativity; critiques and applications of artificial intelligence, logic programming, algorithmic methods; theories of design and creativity, applications of phenomenology, hermeneutics, deconstruction; changing concepts of place and space: non-place, branded places, hybrid and fractured spaces, new digital urbanisms; cultures of science fiction and fantasy, and how these impact on narratives of place and space; the relationships between the senses, in particular sound and vision, including the use of the human voice, relationships between architecture and music, and the whole sensorium; the implications of blockchain and cryptography for urban environments.
Other topics explored in my books, research projects and blog posts. See relevant pages and posts on this site.


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