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Dr Ruiqiao Zhang has comprehensive education backgrounds, extensive academic training in law, and rich experience of research and practice in various legal systems in Asia, Europe and North America. She holds two bachelor’s degrees of Law and Science, three master’s degrees of Civil and Commercial Law, International Commercial and Trade Law, and Comparative Law in China, the Netherlands, and Canada respectively, and one doctoral degree of law at McGill University, supervised by Professor Lionel Smith. Dr Ruiqiao Zhang held visiting professorship at Peking University Law School in 2019. She has been a regular consultant (as a member or an advisor) for several organisations, including the Scottish Ethnic Minorities Lawyers Association, China Law Society, and Cross Party Group on China of the Scottish Parliament.

Research Interests

Ruiqiao Zhang has experience in conducting research in international law, and has also engaged in comparative studies of the common law, the civil law, the law of the European Union, and Chinese law. Her research and teaching interests revolve around civil and commercial law, focusing in particular on trust law, company law, corporate finance, property law, and international trade law.


Commercial Trust Law, Honours (Course Organiser)

Principles of Corporate Finance Law, LLM (Course Organiser)

Aspects of Commercial Law, LLM (Course Organiser)

Company Law, LLM (former Course Organiser)

Practice of Corporate Finance and the Law, LLM (former Course Organiser)

Company Law, Honours (former Course Organiser)

Business Entities, Ordinary




  • K Law (General)
  • KZ Law of Nations
  • KDC Scotland


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