Sabine Rolle

Sabine Rolle


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PhD projects

I would be happy to discuss supervision of the following topics: theory and practice of scholarly editing, medieval literature, reception of the Middle Ages.

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  • Lecturer
  • Course organiser for German 1A
  • Course organiser for Literature and Culture in Medieval Europe
  • Director of Studies for incoming ERASMUS students

After finishing her MA, Dr Sabine Rolle was co-director of a DFG-funded research project on the manuscript tradition of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival at the University of Erlangen for five years; her PhD was a result of research within this project. In 1998 she moved to Britain and held various part-time teaching and research assistant posts at the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh before being appointed to the post she currently holds.

Research Interests

One of Dr Rolle's major research interests lies in the field of textual criticism and theory of editions, more specifically the manuscript tradition of German medieval texts (Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival in particular). She co-directed a research project on that topic in the early stages of her career and is currently collaborating on a related project conducted at the Universities of Basle and Berne.

Research activity

Together with a colleague in Berlin, Dr Heiko Hartmann, Dr Rolle is working on a project on the narrative function of heraldic symbols in German medieval novels. This project will ultimately result in a handbook on Heraldische Symbole in deutschen Artusromanen des Mittelalters.

More recently, she has become interested in the reception of the Middle Ages in modern Germany, particularly in the GDR. One of her current research projects concerns the reception of the Nibelungenlied in the writings of Franz Fühmann.


  • MSc on Medieval Studies: Options on ‘Reflections of the Crusades in German Medieval Literature’ and on ‘German Medieval Palaeography’
  • 4th-year Honours Option on ‘The Nibelungenlied and its reception in Modern Germany’
  • Module on German Medieval Literature on the second year DELC course ‘Literature and Culture in Medieval Europe’
  • Modules on German Medieval Literature and on textual criticism on German 2 courses
  • German 1A, German 1B and German 2 language classes


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