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Stephanie Collishaw is a senior research technician and laboratory manager with many years of experience in hospital and medical research laboratories gained in London and Edinburgh.

Stephanie is prepared to assist and advise all levels of staff and students with many aspects of laboratory projects, including experimental design, and solving practical difficulties in order to achieve success.

Stephanie has vast experience in histological, molecular, microfluidic and microcomputed tomography techniques especially relating to bone and cartilage, but also in neurological tissues amongst others, and can be relied upon to produce good quality practical products.

Stephanie can reliably and competently manage the laboratory dealing with all administrative and practical aspects including health and safety and procurement. Some administrative experience has also been gained during time working in a commercial clinical trails office where she dealt with documentation for large international studies.

Stephanie has excellent interpersonal  skills which she uses to manage the laboratory in itself, but also as part of the larger structure within the Medical School. She is amenable, accommodating and approachable and looks forward to working with new people with new challenges.



Education/Academic qualification

Zoology, Bachelor of Science, King's College London University


Award Date: 30 May 1985


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