British Data Awards 2024: Data Transformation of the Year (Highly Commended)

  • Osborne, Nicola (Recipient), Terras, Melissa (Recipient), McDonald, Caitlin (Recipient), Jones, Vikki (Recipient), Bates, Courtney (Recipient), Zeller, Frauke (Recipient), Wojtkiewicz, Ola (Recipient), Coleman, Stephen (Recipient), Sulaiman, Yasmin (Recipient), Dale Steyn, Inga (Recipient), Salamon, Olivia (Recipient), Murray, Vic (Recipient), Henderson, Diane (Recipient), Pirie, Emma (Recipient) & Panneels, Inge (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


Creative Informatics were Highly Commended in the Data Transformation of the Year category at the British Data Awards 2024.

The British Data Awards represent an annual initiative aimed at recognising and honouring the UK's achievements in the field of data. The fourth edition of the British Data Awards received a record-breaking 321 entries, encompassing a wide broad spectrum of participants, including FTSE 100 companies, leading technology firms, innovative startups, government departments, essential non-profit organisations, and various other entities.
Degree of recognitionNational