CAHSS Recognition Award- Exceptional Team Award category - Nomination

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The leadership team is comprised of a group of academics and postgraduate students from the School of Health and Social Sciences. This team was developed to meet an unmet need that is significant to leaders within nursing, health, and social care. This team worked together exceptionally as a unit despite technical challenges and their own personal commitments. They offered their time, skills, and expertise to examine under researched and significant areas, that is, leadership across cultures and international contexts. Some of the themes highlighted were leadership among differently abled, accents and mannerisms, ethnic minorities, cultures and religions, genders, dress, communication and immigrants. Via connecting with other leaders across six countries from Asia, Africa and Europe, the leadership seminar continues to be a success. True leadership qualities were demonstrated from this team, and their patience, commitment and attributes should be recognised by the school. The team also met with students to mentor and share their experiences to guide their career and professional development. The experience has been valuable to students that desired to receive guidance to develop their skills and consolidate knowledge gained with real-life experiences.
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