European Broadband Awards - Future-proof and quality of service

  • Waites, William (Recipient), Sweet, James (Recipient), Baig, Roger (Recipient), Buneman, Peter (Recipient), Fayed, Marwan M (Recipient) & Hughes, Gordon (Recipient)

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The Scottish Highlands and Islands, where RemIX is currently implemented, consist of mountainous terrain stretching along a 400 km north-to-south corridor. RemIX allows for establishing high-quality backhaul to remote regions, ensuring backhaul affordability for small access networks and allowing networks to maintain the autonomy. This technically exciting project demonstrates an innovative architecture concept, and is already commercialised. It focuses on bringing change through affordable technical solutions. The RemIX architecture is recognisable: it adopts familiar components, standards and technologies, to fit within the target environment, and allows for easy transfer of the model. The cooperative business and operating models respect the target audience, while ensuring long-term sustainability.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsEuropean Commission