Global Convening Programme

  • Hom, Andy (Recipient), Facer, Keri (Recipient) & Lazar, Nomi Claire (Recipient)

Prize: Fellowships awarded competitively


British Academy Global Convening Programme (£1.5M)
The times of a just transition: exploring the role of temporal frames in enabling and impeding democratic and equitable transitions towards sustainable futures

The idea of a 'just transition' is not just a political idea, it is an idea that is steeped in particular conceptions of time. It implies a before and after, a moment of change and disruption. This is characteristic of much of the public debate about climate change which is riven with contested temporal frames: should we think about future generations or the needs of the present? Are we talking about one slow change or multiple, rapid shifts? How can we coordinate the timescales of indigenous nations, industrial processes, carbon, politics?

The aim of this programme is to bring together an interdisciplinary global network of scholars to ask:

How does time play a role in shaping our understanding of what constitutes a Just Transition?
What temporal frames tend toward justice for both people and other beings?
What tools for thinking with and about time can facilitate democratic public climate debate?
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsThe British Academy