Guinness World Record - World's Finest Woven Fabric

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The finest woven fabric measures 7.7 million strands per cm², created by Prof David A. Leigh (UK), Dr David P. August (UK), Prof Robert A. W. Dryfe (UK), Prof Sarah J. Haigh (UK), Paige R. C. Kent (UK), Dr Jean-François Lemonnier (FR), Dr Zheling Li (CN), Dr Christopher A. Muryn (UK), Dr Leoni I. Palmer (UK), Dr Yiwei Song (CN), Dr George F. S. Whitehead (UK) and Prof Robert J. Young (UK) in Manchester, UK, as verified on 1 July 2020.

This is the first example of a molecularly woven fabric. The closest competing achievement is finest Egyptian linen, which has a thread count of ~1500, which corresponds to ~230 threads per square centimetre.
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