Hustle Awards 2022: Finalist in the Outstanding Startup Support category

  • Osborne, Nicola (Recipient), Terras, Melissa (Recipient), Speed, Chris (Recipient), McDonald, Caitlin (Recipient), Jones, Vikki (Recipient), Oliver, Ruth (Recipient), Bates, Courtney (Recipient), Upton, Liam (Recipient), Chan, Kam C. (Recipient), Coleman, Stephen (Recipient), Wojtkiewicz, Ola (Recipient), Dale Steyn, Inga (Recipient), Sulaiman, Yasmin (Recipient), Panneels, Inge (Recipient), Helgason, Ingi (Recipient) & Smyth, Michael (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


Creative Informatics were shortlisted as finalists in the Hustle Awards 2022, organised by Startups Magazine, in the Outstanding Startup Support category.
Degree of recognitionNational