• Taylor, Jared (Principal Investigator)
  • Durant, Yati (Co-investigator)
  • Wittwer, Matthias (Project Partner)
  • Popova, Nevelina (Project Partner)
  • Popova, Nevelina (Project Partner)
  • Mason, Alan (Co-investigator)
  • Ivanova, Sabine (Project Partner)

Project Details


Project run in collaboration with European Universities to produce films and musical compositions in a 24 hour period, one a day for 10 days and make available online for public consumption. Exploring the creative potential for liberation from agonised perfection by ridiculously short deadlines...

Layman's description

Lots of films and music made in 24 hours, to see if any benefits arise from a radical shift in normal working patterns.

Key findings

Productivity breeds creativity, sometimes extreme parameters provide a scaffold that enhances creative decision making rather than limiting it...
Effective start/end date22/02/164/03/16


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