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  • 2013

    A measurement of the muon-induced neutron yield in lead at a depth of 2850 m water equivalent

    Reichhart, L., Lindote, A., Akimov, D. Y., Araujo, H. M., Barnes, E. J., Belov, V. A., Bewick, A., Burenkov, A. A., Chepel, V., Currie, A., DeViveiros, L., Edwards, B., Francis, V., Ghag, C., Hollingsworth, A., Horn, M., Kalmus, G. E., Kobyakin, A. S., Kovalenko, A. G., Kudryavtsev, V. A., & 20 othersLebedenko, V. N., Lopes, M. I., Luescher, R., Majewski, P., Murphy, A. S. J., Neves, F., Paling, S. M., Pinto da Cunha, J., Preece, R., Quenby, J. J., Scovell, P. R., Silva, C., Solovov, V. N., Smith, N. J. T., Smith, P. F., Stekhanov, V. N., Sumner, T. J., Thorne, C., Walker, R. J. & Murphy, A., 2013, LOW RADIOACTIVITY TECHNIQUES 2013 (LRT 2013). Miramonti, L. & Pandola, L. (eds.). MELVILLE: American Institute of Physics, p. 219-222 4 p. (AIP Conference Proceedings; vol. 1549).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution