3 Month Extension to Zeplin III


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  • 2012

    WIMP-nucleon cross-section results from the second science run of ZEPLIN-III

    Yu. Akimov, D., M. Araújo, H., J. Barnes, E., A. Belov, V., A. Burenkov, A., Berwick, A., Chepel, V., Currie, A., DeViveiros, L., Edwards, B., Ghag, C., Hollingsworth, A., Horn, M., Jones, WG., E. Kalmus, G., S. Kobyakin, A., Lebedenko, V. N., Lindote, A., Lopes, M. I., Luscher, R., & 16 othersMajewski, P., Murphy, A. S., Neves, F., Paling, S. M., da Cunha, J. P., Preece, R. M., J. Quenby, J., Reichhart, L., R. Scovell, P., Solovov, V. N., Silva, C., Smith, N. J. T., N. Stekhanov, V., J. Sumner, T., Thorne, C. & J. Walker, R., 13 Mar 2012, In: Physics Letters B. 709, 1-2, p. 14-20

    Research output: Contribution to journalLetterpeer-review