A low-energy approach to remove multiple greenhouse gases

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This BEIS funded project, led by the University of Edinburgh alongside partners Pilkington Technology Management Limited, Nippon Sheet Glass Company, University of Birmingham and Harper Adams University.
The University of Edinburgh will design a low-energy and versatile approach to capture CO2 and destroy non-CO2 greenhouse gases simultaneously at large scale driven only by solar energy.
This project will:
develop the technology readiness level from promising lab data of individual components to an integrated system and verified prototype
complete the design to demonstrate that this sustainable technology has the potential to be replicated at significant scale (that is, 50 kilotons of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum by 2030). The project will deliver jobs for UK citizens, and bolster the UK’s reputation as a pioneer in green technologies and contribute to the fight with climate change globally.
Effective start/end date6/04/216/01/22


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