A modelling portal for the UK plant systems biology community

  • Millar, Andrew (Principal Investigator)
  • Tindal, Christopher (Researcher)
  • Muetzelfeldt, Robert (Other)
  • Ougham, Helen (Other)

Project Details

Key findings

Crop and other plant growth models, at scales ranging from the cellular to the ecosystem, were safeguarded for the future by converting them to a declarative format and making them available to the plant systems biology and crop communities in XML format.
A public-access web portal (http://www.plasmo.ed.ac.uk) allows users to display and run the models, obtain documentation about them, and download detailed descriptions of the model conversion and validation processes to facilitate their own modelling activities The project has been publicised to systems biologists, crop scientists and agricultural scientists
throughout the UK, as well as to international audiences, and has attracted widespread interest.
The reiimplemented models are already being used by staff of the BBSRC Bioenergy Centre and CSBE (now SynthSys) in Edinburgh.
Effective start/end date16/09/0815/09/10


  • BBSRC: £236,726.00


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