A multidisciplinary collaboration to inform important national deliberations on the safe, effective and efficient procurement and implementation of ePrescribing systems into hospitals in England

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A number of international benchmark studies have now demonstrated that prescribing errors are common and are responsible for considerable – potentially avoidable – morbidity and mortality. Given the increasing complexity of prescribing decisions, the risk of prescribing-related iatrogenic harm is likely to increase yet further. There is then a pressing need to identify effective approaches to improving the safety of prescribing. Interest is in particular converging on the potential offered by computerised order entry and related advanced decision support systems. These systems however vary very considerably in functionality, inter-operability and costs. There are, for example, up to 10-fold differences in start-up and maintenance costs between the basic "non-alerting" and the more advanced "alerting" systems.
We aim to:
Describe the procurement, implementation, adoption and maintenance of the basic and more advanced ePrescribing systems
Estimate their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness
Develop best practice recommendations for procurement and a toolkit for their successful integration into NHS hospitals.
Effective start/end date1/10/12 → …


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