A patient's journey through ICU and recovery: learning from different discilpinary approaches

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An increasing number of patients are surviving an episode of critical illness that requires intensive care (ICU) treatment. Recovering from critical illness is a long-term process and ICU survivors and their families face many challenges after critical illness. A number of disciplines have an interest in critical illness and recovery and research collaborations across disciplines have the potential to improve health care practices, and inform social science theory and methodological developments.

This international and multidisciplinary summer school aims to:
• Built international collaboration
• Create networks of early career and senior researchers
• And provide high quality methods teaching opportunities.

The summer school is aimed at international early career, doctoral (2.year onwards) and postdoctoral researchers from both social science and practice-based health care. An early career researcher is defined as a person who has held an M Phil, MD or PhD degree not longer than 5 years.

The summer school will be held over three days (6 – 9 September 2010) and is structured into keynote lectures, Masterclasses and group sessions. The summer school is a collaborative project between ICU researchers at the University of Edinburgh and University of Dundee in the United Kingdom and Griffith University in Australia.

Layman's description

This was an event for interdisciplinary early career researchers with an interest in critical illness that requires intensive care treatment.

Key findings

Reflection and evaluation from this event resulted in the insight that there is nothing within this filed specifically for early career researchers. Consequently, we planned a follow-up event for 2011 in Australia. Following on from that event we decided to go for a 2 year event and the 3rd early career event is planned for September 2013 in Turku, Finland. Dr Kean, UoE, remains one of the main organisers for this event.
Effective start/end date1/01/1031/10/11


  • ESRC: £40,460.00


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