A Scoping Exercise for “G-Force”: A Smartphone Application to Improve Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes in Motor Sport

Project Details


Funding to support the design and development of a smartphone app, as a potential commercial spin-off from PhD research by Stephanie Adams (£5k)

Layman's description

Each year in the UK sport hundreds of thousands of individuals suffer from the ‘invisible injury’ known as concussion, which can lead to lasting adverse health effects. There is currently no cure or well-documented treatment, thus the importance of education for preventing, and managing the injury cannot be underestimated. G-Force will be an interactive smartphone application designed to help educate athletes about concussion in an effective and engaging way, by considering individual learning needs and capturing learning. This project will prepare the prototype of the smartphone application for development and testing within the context of UK motor sport.
Effective start/end date1/11/1630/06/17