A System for Publishing Scientific Data

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Key findings

The outcomes of the project have been:
1. New methods for schema-directed publishing and integration of scientific data, including novel concepts attribute transformation grammars, XML integration grammars, information preserving XML embedding, and contextual schema matching.
2. Fundamental results for characterising the expressive power and complexity of XML publishing languages, based on a novel notion of publishing transducers.
3. Effective techniques for querying published and integrated scientific data, both in centralised systems and in distributed settings.
4. New techniques for handling dynamic issues in connection with XML publishing and integration, including incremental maintenance, view updates and updating virtual views of integrated data.
5. Fundamental results and practical techniques for annotation, archiving and security.
6. Two functional prototype systems for data publishing (PRATA) and archiving (XArch), one already deployed at European Bioinformatics Institute.
Effective start/end date1/02/0431/12/07


  • EPSRC: £337,825.00


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