A Window in the Brain: Novel seizure detection tool development in paediatric critical care

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Critically ill paediatric patients are at increased risk of having seizures without apparent clinical signs making clinical diagnosis particularly difficult. Undetected or delayed treatment of seizures worsens these patients’ functional neurological recovery.
An electroencephalogram (EEG) is the gold standard method to detect seizures. Certified clinical physiologists are required to apply high-density montages and neurologists are needed to interpret the recordings and identify seizures. Neither are available round the clock in the paediatric critical care units (PCCU). Thus, there is a clinical need to develop a quantitative seizure detection method using a low-density EEG montage, which may be applied by the bedside nurses in PCCU. In this project, we aim to test and adapt BrainView’s brain connectivity assessment software to detect seizures using less than 8 channels from routinely collected multi-channels EEG.
Short titleA Window in the Brain
Effective start/end date1/12/20 → …


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