Action on Neglect: Noticing and helping the neglected child.

  • Taylor, Julie (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


Working in partnership with Action for Children this research is bringing together groups of practitioners and managers from all key professions to analyse how neglected children are currently helped and explore what can be done to improve recognition and early response. Work was conducted in three different local authorities. The study includes the development of ‘case studies’ to trace children’s pathways through the system. The aim was to develop suggestions for more effective responses to neglected children. Findings have been translated into a pack: Action on Neglect, setting out details of feasible and cost-effective blueprints for improved routes to services for neglected children and their families. Dissemination through events will ensure that findings are readily accessible to those in a position to improve services. The project was supported by two advisory groups.

Layman's description

Research with practitioners and service managers to analyse and then develop suggestions for more effective responses to neglected children culminating in the production of a pack: ‘Action on Neglect’.
Effective start/end date1/02/1331/03/13


  • Other: £131.00


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