Adsorption Materials and Processes for Carbon Capture from Gas-Fired Power Palnts - AMPGas

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The multi-disciplinary research teams collaborating in this proposal are internationally leading groups which are at the forefront of research in the development of materials and processes for adsorption gas separations aimed at carbon capture applications. The consortium will build upon its strengths in order to develop methodologies for the rapid synthesis and screening of novel materials for carbon capture from gas fired power stations in close collaboration with the industrial partners. The objectives of this consortium are:
1. Develop novel design and synthesis routes for adsorbent materials for carbon capture from flue gases from gas fired power plants.
2. Develop methodologies for rapid screening of materials based on both equilibrium and kinetic properties.
3. Develop rapid thermal swing cycles to reduce plant size.
4. Predict the performance of an integrated adsorption carbon capture process coupled to a gas fired power plant in both steady-state and transient operation.
5. Interact closely with stakeholders and end users to define case studies as well as enhance the uptake of the results of the research.

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Effective start/end date1/09/1231/08/16


  • EPSRC: £376,801.00


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