Ages of Wonder Exhibition

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This exhibition is organised as a partnership between Tom Normand, University of St Andrews, the Director of the National Gallery of Scotland, and the President of the Royal Scottish Academy.

This exhibition will showcase the collections of the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture and related works from the National Gallery of Scotland. It is designed to celebrate the growth and form of the RSA since its inception in 1826, and to recognise its role and significance for the future of art in Scotland.

The focus of the exhibition will be the myriad collections of art that testify to the rich history of the academy. These will include the Diploma Collection; the varied collection of President’s portraits, early commissions and purchases designed to enhance a ‘Scottish national collection’; teaching collections, and rare materials held in the RSA library.
Kenny Hunter has been commissioned to create a work inspired by the pivotal President James Guthrie who oversaw the settlement between RSA and the National Galleries of Scotland whilst also addressing his career and life as a painter.
AcronymCommission for the Royal Scottish Academy
Effective start/end date19/05/1631/12/17


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