An exploration of the day-to-day experiences of Health Visitors using a ‘routine enquiry’ approach to domestic abuse.

  • Cuthill, Fiona (Principal Investigator)
  • Johnston, Lesley (Co-investigator)

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Domestic abuse is a major cause of ill-health, injury and death. In recent years, the Scottish Government has provided strategic direction and leadership in prioritising the prevention and eradication of violence against women and girls (Scottish Government, 2009), and health professionals are identified as having a key role to play in this (NHS Scotland, 2008). The implementation of ‘routine enquiry’ into abuse within six priority areas (mental health, maternity services, substance misuse, sexual and reproductive health, Accident and Emergency, and public health nursing) is a key part of this policy. Nonetheless, little is known about the experiences of health professionals in using ‘routine enquiry’ into domestic abuse in their day-to-day work.

Health Visitors work as part of a universal service and as such, will regularly encounter women experiencing domestic abuse. This project will use qualitative research methodologies to explore the barriers and opportunities experienced by Health Visitors in using ‘routine enquiry’ as part of their everyday work with women and families in Scotland.
Effective start/end date2/11/15 → …


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