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This seminar grant funded a series of six 1-day ‘Scottish Autism Research Group’ (SARG) seminars, held over two years. The objectives of the series were as follows:
(i) to foster a network of academic researchers from different disciplines, working in the area of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), in order to help promote a coherent programme of future research, integrating psychological, clinical and educational perspectives and leading to a better understanding of ASDs.
(ii) to support post-graduate students carrying out research into ASDs, by providing them with a forum for presenting work and access to a network of researchers and practitioners.
(iii) to provide practitioners with the most up-to-date research findings about ASDs thereby promoting opportunities for academic/professional dialogue to the mutual benefit of both groups.
The seminar speakers included a mix of postgraduate students/early career researchers, national, and international speakers. Seminars were attended by a balance of academic researchers, postgraduate students and practitioners.

Key findings

The first objective was met, in that the size of the network grew during the seminar period from 100 to 130 members, with representation from a range of academic disciplines (psychology, psychiatry, education, cognitive science, computing and linguistics) thereby helping to promote cross-disciplinary research.

The second objective was met as there was a high level of attendance by PhD students at each seminar (around 20% of the participants were students), facilitated by student travel bursaries. There were PhD student presentations at all seminars and PhD student participation in the poster sessions held alongside two of the seminars.

The third objective was met in that practitioners made up 20 to 50% of the audience at each seminar. Practitioners from a range of professions attended (clinical psychology, speech and language therapy, music therapy, educational psychology), thereby gained access to research findings at the pre-publication stage. At four of the seminars the discussant was a practitioner, thereby facilitating academic/practitioner dialogue.
Effective start/end date1/03/0528/02/07


  • ESRC: £15,465.00


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