An Internet of Soft Things

Project Details


The primary aim of An Internet of Soft Things is the development of a participatory design methodology for the IoT informed by relational approaches in psychotherapy. Our team of interactive textile developers, computer scientists and psychotherapists are working with Nottinghamshire Mind Network to: inform non-medicalised mental healthcare communities about the issues and opportunities for individuals in a networked society; inform the participatory design community about different philosophical modes of practice in psychotherapy; and evaluate person-centred theory for its potential contribution to a new participatory design methodology for the IoT

Layman's description

The An Internet of Soft Things project challenges how a radically connected world would be designed to benefit human wellbeing, and in particular, what types of experience can be instigated from smart textile interfaces.

Key findings

guidelines for designers working to a Person-Centred Approach in participatory design
Effective start/end date1/09/1431/08/16