An investigation into artistic and organisational practice at Islington Mill

  • Gilmore, Charlotte (Principal Investigator)

Project Details


This interdisciplinary study’s overall objective is to enhance understanding of how organizational and creative practices influence arts performance. ‘Performance’ is seen as including artistic quality and other organizational aims such as financial return, expanding audiences and participation in the arts. This interdisciplinary approach includes management theory and practice. I will collaborate with Professor Raymond McDonald, a specialist in music improvisation and Dr Matt Brennan, a specialist in popular music. This research project will focus on a longitudinal study of the creative and organizational practices of artists at Islington Mill, a leading independent UK arts organization based in Salford. Structured around an organic network of independent artists, Islington Mill rents out space to individual artists as well as running particular programmes and offering residencies. It aims to move beyond conventional organizational structures and art traditions in order to create an environment that is a catalyst for “the creative act” in its many forms, for example music making, glass sculpture and screen printing. This study will explore these different practices with an innovative longitudinal study of the stakeholders at Islington Mill.
Effective start/end date1/05/141/05/15


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